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Warranty Policy
Prices & Online Payment Policy
Exchange & Return Policy
Delivery & Shipping Policy

General Conditions of Warranty

  1. The warranty starts from the purchase invoice date written on the original purchase invoice or warranty card.
  2. The warranty period is shown on the product according to its type on the website and for a maximum of two years.
  3. Service centers require the presentation of the warranty card and invoice with the serial number and stamped by the seller for implementation the warranty.
  4. The warranty does not include transportation expenses from the customer's place to the maintenance center and does not include dismantling and installation costs if the installation is outside the Roadmaster centers.
  5. The warranty covers all technical defects from the manufacturer, but it does not include the following cases:
    • Testing or adjusting the device, changing spare parts consumed due to normal use, software, or applications, and updating them.
    • Damage to the device due to traffic accidents, negligence, modifications, use of spare parts that are not from the supplier, improper use, errors during the installation and modification of the device's wiring or connection to other incompatible devices.
    • Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, or by other things, malfunction in the power supply, poor ventilation, or failure to follow the instructions in the operation or maintenance manual outside the approved centers.
    • Remove the serial number or try to tamper with or tear it.
    • Roadmaster shall not exceed the actual price paid for the device in the event of a special settlement for indirect damage to the device.
  6. The required repair period is 14 working days from the repair order date unless parts need to be manufactured or imported, provided that the customer is informed of the expected period. The customer has the right to request additional warranty period similar to the days of delay.
  7. Store the product after repair for 30 days only, a storage fee may be charged, and the center is not responsible for the product.
  8. The delivery process of shipping the product from the customer and to the service centers takes 3-5 working days.
  9. The customer covered by the warranty has the right, in the event of failure of maintenance work for any reason or the recurrence of the problem for more than two times, to obtain an alternative product with similar specifications or to recover the value of the device after deducting fair use (40% - 80% of the value of the device) according to the service center's estimate of the condition of the device.

Prices & Online Payment

  1. Purchases made by credit card or other payment methods may incur additional fees depending on the service.
  2. Purchases with electronic payment systems are redeemed in the same way, and the process may take up to 21 working days with the deduction of bank or financing commissions, if any.
  3. Purchases using electronic financing methods are refunded from the financing entity, and the website has no obligations in this regard.
  4. Errors may occur while providing the product or service and detailed price information on the Website. The website cannot provide you with the prices of products individually or know the total cost of the product or service until you receive your total online order. In the event that an invoice is ordered and issued for a product or service and the price or the information is incorrect due to an error in recording the correct cost or information about products or services, the website has the right, in this case, to either contact you to clarify this error and how to deal with it or cancel your order and notify you of this cancellation. If your order is accepted and processed electronically, the total cost will be calculated and deducted from your credit card, and you will be informed by email that the payment is proceeding successfully.

Exchange & Return

  1. The product can be returned within two days and replaced within 5 days from the purchase date, with the following provisions:
    • The product should be fully packaged in its original condition before the sale, showing complete information, and well preserved.
    • Not using and activating the software for devices.
    • The original purchase invoice must be available.
    • The product should not be for personal use or electrical and electronic products.
    • The customer bears the logistical costs, construction, and installation costs, if any.
    • It should not be one of the products of offers or refurbished products.

Delivery & Shipping Policy

  1. The customer is contacted to confirm the order if necessary.
  2. Processing and delivery will be within 3 to 7 working days.
  3. Shipping prices, unless indicated on the product or service on the site:
    • Shipping within Saudia: 60 SAR
    • Shipping to outside Saudi Arabia: 375 SAR

Installation Policy :

  1. Product prices do not include installation fees
  2. Installation fees depend on the selected product
  3. Free products do not include free installation. The installation fees will be paid in store
  4. Product installation fees :
    • Head Unit Screens: SAR 130-250. Depending on the car and screen model.
    • Front/Rear Camera: SAR 110-150. Depending on the car model
    • Head Rest / Roof Mount Screen: SAR 180
    • Dashcam: SAR 130
  5. Installing car screens in old cars dashboard might cause minor scratch or undesired results. This is under customer liability
  6. Items not eligible for refund after installation or delivery.

Nejeek Service for home installation

  1. Home installation service available in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam within 30km radius city center.
  2. You will be notified to book home installation appointment after order is processed.
  3. We strive to reach customers on time. We apologies in case of unexpected traffic jam delays.
  4. In case of no show up no longer 15minutes of reaching the location , appointment will be canceled to avoid schedule delays on others
  5. In case of delays or wrong location shared or any other reason, customer service team will rearrange product and or installation to be fulfilled by branches.
  6. Installation time between 45 – 90 min depends on product type.
  7. Completed installation and leaving customer location is consider an approval of proper functionality and delivery.